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Welcome to the Valley Tavern

Founded 1875

Home of the best Broiled Crab Cakes and Broasted Chicken around the Southern York area!

Home of the best broiled crab cakes and broasted chicken in the Southern York area!

6 pack Carry-Out

Drive-Up Window

Smoke Free Dining & Bar

Family Friendly dining

6 pack Carry-Out

Drive Up window

Smoke Free Dining & Bar

Family Friendly

About Us

The Valley Tavern serves a comprehensive cuisine with weekly and bar specials.

The tavern features a bar, six-pack walk-out service, drive-up window for carryout, and weekend live music.

Holiday parties, anniversary/birthday parties, business meetings, and bridal/baby shower parties are welcome.

Located alongside the York County Heritage Rail Trail, The Tavern is a convenient place for food and drink in the middle of a bike ride or long walk.

Guest can also enjoy the view of the Northern Central Railway‘s diesel and steam trains as they stop to uncouple immediately outside our doors on Saturdays & Sundays.

History of the Tavern

First built by Daniel Henry in 1875, the building was named the National Hotel.

Original tavern licenses are and displayed in the dining room, dating from 1903 through 1912, featuring the names of the various owners. 

In the 1950s, Mr. Klinedinst owned and operated the Tavern, which suffered the wrath of Hurricane Angus in 1972 . In 1985, the tavern was destroyed by fire under the ownership of the Lippy family.

The tavern we know today has not been spared from multiple storm/flood events.

Despite these, we continue to stand and build community on this landmark in Seven Valleys, keeping the history alive for future generations.

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